Everything about how to put in a tampon for the first time diagram

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In line with Dweck, “Sometimes when folks have a yeast infection plus they feel like [yogurt with a tampon] is a more organic way to deal with it. Almost certainly not a great idea. Micro organism and yeast appreciate dark, moist locations so I do think that can be causing of an infection.

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it doesn’t hurt when I put tampons in and I don’t really need to place in supers, but when I have it and it feels fine I however have blood on my clothing. When I take it out there's nothing about the tampon. So I'm confused

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I'm sixteen and have been owning my periods for around a year but I have how to put a tampon in all the way normally made use of pads. I would like to get started on using tampons but every time I have tried to insert a tampon I am able to only push it in a bit as I can feel one thing which I feel is most almost certainly my hymen as I'm nevertheless a virgin, and I am able to only drive it in a bit without it hurting.

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